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Welcome to Sadhana Packaging

Sadhana Packaging Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of a range of packaging solutions like PP woven sacks, Jumbo bags/FIBC Bags, Woven Ground covers, Tarpaulins, Container liners, Multi Filament yarn, PP woven fabrics, BOPP bags, Silt fences, etc. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. We have an integrated in house manufacturing facility to help us create highly customized packaging solutions to meet our client needs.

Vision :

"To provide top quality, custom made, unique packaging solutions, which adds value to our clients." To achieve our vision, we have created a seamless integration between our customer, our experienced manpower and latest technology. Our expertise combined with our world-class infrastructure, situated in Jabalpur, has manufacturing capability to cater to unique packaging solutions in sectors ranging from cement, fertilizers, sugar, sand, food grains, cattle feed, pulses, minerals, raisins, rubber, spices, hazardous goods, etc.

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Our Products

FIBC Bags / Jumbo Bags

Also know, as JUMBO bags are one of the most cost effective types of packing for storage and transportation of different goods. We custom design these bags as per our client ......

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PP Woven Fabrics and Sheets

We, manufacture a wide range of PP Woven fabric using finest grades of material from low to high GSM. We offer fabric in width of 30cm ........

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PP Woven Sacks

PP woven sacks are a packaging solution, which are made from finest polypropylene material. They are helpful for the storing and ......

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Multifilament Yran

This is a bundle of very thin long threads. We provide a range from 350-5200 denier. It comes in two options – Twisted or AEM.These are used in ..................

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